What do you want me to make for you? I want you to be part of this process to refine your intention and creative ideas!

Depending on what you want the cost will range from $50 starting price for Screenshot Fine Art, to $200 starting price for Physical Fine Art.

We can also further discuss your choices after we’ve narrowed down your specific creative needs!

What is Screenshot Fine Art?

This is artwork created from scratch (by me), then scanned into a digital file format (.jpg or .png or .pdf). I then email you a download link for this digital art file. I do not snail-mail you the original artwork that I created, that remains my property. See Licensing details.

What is Physical Fine Art?

This is physical artwork created from scratch (by me) on paper, canvas, fabric etc. I then mail (or courier) you the original artwork that I created, and that piece of original SuZen Maureen artwork is yours to keep. See Licensing/Copyright details

First, what do you want? Here is one idea:

Maybe you would like a Screenshot Fine Art version of one of MY ART paintings or a specific partof one of my paintings for your project? In that case, you would receive a scanned, digital copy, not the original painting. Take a look; you may like a particular area of the textures and colours. I can digitally add words, borders and change colours to sepia, black and white, warmer or cooler tones. If so, please CONTACT ME with your request, and which painting you like, and I’ll let you know how much that would cost.


Do you want custom made art? If so… LET’S TAP INTO YOUR CREATIVE INTENTIONS!

What would you like me to create for you? I can create Physical Fine Art for your home, salon, clinic, etc. Or I can create Screenshot Fine Art for your Workbook Cover, Journal Cover, or hand-drawn Logo.

Just CONTACT ME and we’ll get started!

Impress Your Bookclub!


Yes! I would love to learn how to Art Journal my bookclub book AND learn how to do mixed-media art like SuZen!

Please send me the free tutorial video:

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