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Dylan Dreyer lost luggage this summer. An astrologer says the stars might explain why

Astrologer Stephanie Campos says Dylan lost her luggage on a day her chart predicted difficulty.
/ Source: TODAY

Was Dylan Dreyer's lost luggage saga written in the stars?

Back in July, the 3rd Hour of TODAY co-host and her family lost 13 pieces of luggage while traveling to Italy. Though Dreyer's husband and their three sons recovered their luggage on the trip, it took Dylan five weeks to find hers.

Astrologer Stephanie Campos says Dreyer's astrological chart might explain the mishap. During a visit to TODAY on Sept. 20, Campos explained what was going on in her life.

Dylan originally lost her luggage July 21, which is just before Venus went retrograde in Leo. Retrogrades can already have an impact on our lives, though Dylan was likely especially feeling the effects given she's a Leo herself.

During a retrograde, the planet — in this case, Venus — appears to be moving backwards in its orbit. Astrologers say these occurrences dampen the planet's rule.

This Venus retrograde, which was known to cause delays, miscommunication and travel difficulties (similar to Mercury retrograde), really took its toll on Dylan.

On the day of her luggage mixup, Mars, planet that rules aggression and passion, was on her Midheaven, a "sensitive point" on the chart.

"This indicated that some sort of personal difficulty, challenge, or frustrating situation would take place that day," Campos says.

At the same time, the Sun was in Cancer and moving through Dylan's personal 9th house in her birth chart, which rules travel. That could have put a stronger emphasis on this area of her life.

Dylan's luggage was finally returned to her the day the Sun was on her Midheaven, which signifies a time for possible illumination.

"The Sun traced over the same exact spot that Mars was on July 21, when she lost her luggage and all this frustration began. The sun is a planet of illumination, delivering clarity and bringing this issue to an endond," Campos says.

As a self-described "astro nerd," Campos calls the saga's alignment with the stars "beyond fascinating."