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10 Jason Kelce moments that have fans falling in love with the other Kelce brother

Jason Kelce, Travis' big brother, goes from ferocious NFL center to sweet teddy bear when he's home with his three daughters.

While football star Travis Kelce is getting all sorts of attention for his relationship with Taylor Swift, his big brother Jason is gaining a different sort of fan base — those swooning over the softer side the father of three shows in a new Prime Video documentary, simply titled “Kelce.”

It’s a look at the 2022-2023 football season, a year that he thought might have been his last in the NFL.

The documentary has plenty of footage of Kelce plowing through everyone in his path on the field. And it also reveals touching scenes of Kelce venturing through emotional territory as a dad of three girls.

Jason and Kylie Kelce with family
Jason Kelce with his wife Kylie and three daughters. A new documentary gives a glimpse into his home life.@jason.kelce via Instagram

Jason Kelce's wife and kids

Jason Kelce met his wife, Kylie McDevitt Kelce, on Tinder. They both swiped right and met up at a bar … where Kelce promptly fell asleep 45 minutes later.

Even though he had a few too many drinks, he said, “I was sober enough to know it was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life. It was love at first sight.”

Accompanied by Winnie, their 120-pound Irish wolfhound, the couple got married in Philadelphia in the spring of 2018. Two daughters joined the household soon after. Wyatt Elizabeth was born on October of 2019, followed by Elliotte Ray in March of 2021.

Kylie, who was 38 weeks pregnant when Jason Kelce and the Eagles faced off against his brother Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs at the Super Bowl, decided to bring her obstetrician to the game just in case their third child decided to make an early appearance.

But Kylie got through the game without giving birth, and their third daughter, Bennett Llewellyn, arrived on February 23, 2023.

At a height of 6 feet 3 inches and a weight of almost 300 pounds, Kelce looks intimidating … until you see him snuggling with these three adorable daughters.

“Being a father is by far the biggest highlight of my life, no question about it,” Kelce told

Here are all the times Kelce became the MVP of #dadgoals.

Jason Kelce reads 'Oh, the Places You’ll Go!'

The documentary opens with Jason Kelce starting his daughters’ bedtime routine.

“Do you want to hear a story?” he says.

He puts one girl on each knee, and sweetly reads to them with gusto:

Oh, the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done!

There are points to be scored. There are games to be won.

And the magical things you can do with that ball

Will make you the winning-est winner of all.

Parenting through pain, respecting boundaries

While he swings Elliotte upside-down and side to side in the backyard, Kelce coaches Wyatt on the lyrics of the Eagles fight song.

Later, the girls giggle while Jason pretends not to see them through a mesh sheet. When he “catches” Wyatt and picks her a little too high off the ground, she screams that it’s “too much,” and Jason puts her back on her feet immediately, respecting her wishes.

Kylie looks on, clearly loving watching Jason and the girls play. Then the camera pans to the lower half of Jason’s body and you realize that he’s done all of this horsing around while suffering from an ankle injury.

“It’s crazy as a 35-year-old man being in, like, a world of pain,” Kylie says.

Priorities with his daughters after a big win

Kelce is clearly over the moon after the Eagles beat the 49ers in the NFC championship, and he knows exactly who he wants to be his celebration crew.

Cameras follow him as he walks across the football field asking everyone he passes if they’ve seen his wife. After they find each other, Jason takes a moment with his girls.

Clearly emotional, Kelce helps his daughters scoop up green and white confetti from the field to bring home.

“Gotta put ‘em in your pocket, Wy,” he says to Wyatt.

Immediately after the win, Kelce dons a Chiefs sweatshirt and heads to Chickie’s & Pete’s, a Philadelphia staple, to watch his brother in the AFC championship along with his parents. 

Jason Kelce brings daughters to Super Bowl

In the documentary, Kelce tells his wife that he would like Wyatt and Elliotte to attend the Super Bowl.

Kylie, who is in her third trimester at the time, sits on the couch with her head in her hands, and can’t seem to wrap her mind around why they would pay almost $4,000 for a ticket for a toddler who won’t even sit in her own seat.

“That’s bananas,” she says.

“It is,” Jason responds, agreeing but resolute in his desire to have Elliotte at the game.

When Elliotte turns the corner with her baby doll in a play shopping cart, he asks her, “Hey, do you want to go to the Super Bowl? Yes or no?”

After a pause, Elliotte says, “Nuh-uh.” But then she adds, “My baby’s going to the Super Bowl, too.” That's the sort of plus-one this family can handle.

Reassuring his kids after his Super Bowl loss

When Kelce rejoins his family after the Eagles lose the Super Bowl, you can feel the devastation in the air.

But the first thing he says to his wife is, “It’s alright. What can you do?”

He immediately launches into dad mode, lifting his kids in the air and admiring their artwork.

When Elliotte realizes that Kelce is silently laying down on the bed, she says, “Daddy, Daddy, are you OK?”  

“I’m OK,” he says with just enough energy to sound reassuring.

Celebrating that “Uncle Travvy” won

After the Chiefs beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl, the girls tell their father that once again, they saw confetti on the field. But it was red instead of green.

“You didn’t win,” says Wyatt.

Feigning surprise, Kelce says, “I didn’t? Oh, man!”

“Uncle Travvy winned,” she continues, referring to Jason's brother, Travis Kelce.

“Uncle Travvy did win,” Kelce says. “It’s alright. Uncle Travvy got it. We can be happy for Uncle Travvy.”

Considering football v. family

One thing made extremely clear from this documentary is the physical toll that playing football can take.

“There aren’t many guys on an NFL roster that are over 30. As an older player, it just gets harder and harder to do on a daily basis,” Kelce says.

Kelce has had at least 7 surgeries. He’s torn ligaments in his knee multiple times. He’s hurt his left ankle, right hand and both elbows. He’s broken his right foot, toes and fingers. “And everything at least has a small amount of arthritis,” he says.

In discussing whether he will continue to play football professionally, Kelce says he always thinks about spending more time his wife, his children and any grandchildren he may have one day. But he also wants to provide for them and make sure that they’re financially secure.

When does Kylie want him to retire? “I would like him to retire when he will still be able to get down on the floor and play with our kids comfortably,” she says.

Announcing his “pro-booger” stance

In one scene in the documentary, Kelce catches Wyatt picking her nose.

Rather than reprimanding her, he tells her to go ahead and eat it because he’s “pro-eating boogers” and “it’s good for your immune system.”

Though her mom cautions Wyatt against eating boogers, Wyatt listens to dad and pops her finger in her mouth.

“I tried to warn you,” Wyatt says. “I like to eat boogers.”

“Yeah, me too,” Kelce says.

Wyatt immediately transitions into asking her dad about his favorite color.

“Green,” he says.

Though it seems like he chooses the color because of the Eagles, he says instead, “Green. ‘Cause I like boogers.”

Bringing a fan to the hospital when his wife gives birth

When Jason and Kylie prepare to leave for the hospital for the birth of their baby, Jason has a momentary lapse of judgement and insists on bringing a fan to the hospital — no, not an a football admirer, a regular 12-inch electric travel fan.

“If you bring a fan to the hospital,” Kylie says, “I will personally kick you out.”

“Just trying to be comfortable,” he says. He quickly adds, “You might need it,” when he realizes he has openly discussed his personal comfort in front of a woman who is about to give birth.

“Just think how nice it’s gonna be when you get those stirrups off and you have a nice breeze going across your face,” he says.

Perhaps he crosses the line from adorable dad into annoying dad territory here, but Kylie laughs it off … and then jokes that if she feels wind during labor at any point, “I will personally end you.”

The fan does make it into Kylie’s hospital room, but adoring look Jason gives Kylie and his new baby girl likely makes up for any ventilation-related grievances.

Handing off his baby girl to his brother

Football rivalry aside, the Kelce brothers seem to be extremely close, and the moment Jason places his daughter in his brother’s arms is emotional.

“You wanna hold her?” Jason asks Travis while their mother observes.

As Travis adjusts the baby, Jason advises him to hold her “just like a football,” and then at the same moment, the two brothers say, “There you go.” They smile.