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Libra season horoscopes: See what the stars have in store for you

Libra season begins Saturday, Sept. 23 and will run until Monday, Oct. 23, when the sun moves into Scorpio.
/ Source: TODAY

Welcome to fall and Libra season!

It's a big weekend for astrology as both Libra season and the autumnal equinox, marking the first day of fall, commence on Saturday, Sept. 23.

As we embrace new seasons, we are ready to head into a different direction with the change of weather. The super full harvest moon in Aries on Friday, Sept. 29 urges us to focus on our needs and desires.

Mercury, which rules communication, enters Libra on Wednesday, Oct. 4 and then moves into Scorpio on Sunday, Oct. 22, bringing clarity and passion to our words.

On Sunday, Oct. 8, Venus, which rules love and relationships, enters Virgo, tempering our romantic expectations and making us consider our priorities. Pluto ends its retrograde in Capricorn on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

Mars, which rules aggression and passion, moves into Scorpio on Thursday, Oct. 12, bringing intensity and vigor to our lives. The solar eclipse in Libra on Saturday, Oct. 14, pushes us to make definitive choices that will end or strengthen relationships.

Here's what is in store for you for the next month.


You’re fully leaning into "cuffing season," a historically perfect time to find a beau to warm up to this fall, which means you could get lost in your love bubble due to your intensely passionate nature. While it may feel wonderful and exciting to have a partner or crush who you adore and reciprocates the same sentiment at this moment in time, you shouldn’t lose focus of your personal day-to-day responsibilities and work ethic. Keep your eye on the professional ball and your heart ready for romance throughout Libra season. 


Taking a cooking or yoga class will be beneficial for you. It’ll allow you to find an interest outside of yourself that can be applied to your daily routine and ritual. This can also create a new interest in your life and help you find your voice. You can discover yourself through these activities — which is why you should sign up immediately. Getting out of your comfort zone and your hands dirty will be fun.


Being discerning on matters of the heart is important to do right now, as you are trying to commit to people that you can see yourself in a relationship or friendship with years from now. Although you tend to jump into partnerships all the time by giving yourself freely to those that you connect and align with, you’re wanting to have a smaller group of people in your orb that you can fully and completely trust.


Home is where your heart is, which is exactly where you often long to be. So, it’ll be nothing but comforting to spend the upcoming weeks in your personal cocoon. Embrace cozy season by decorating your home with fragrant and warm autumnal items. You’ll find that this activity gets you into the fall vibe — all the more reason why you should purchase a cardamom scented candle and learn to make a pumpkin spice latte yourself. 


With all the noise and information swarming around you, it’s time to create boundaries as to how many tales are being spoken. Most of them aren’t true and are wrecking havoc in your personal relationships. Step away from the drama and assess what is real and not. The more clarity you gain on the matter, the easier it’ll be to focus on how you can move forward and make plans that create a positive environment.


Your finances are finally starting to get in order. For the first time in a while, you’ll see an influx of cash in your bank account and have a chance to make necessary purchases.  However, that doesn’t mean you should spend freely. Start a savings plan to ensure  you’re not in the same situation again and have a cash flow for a rainy day (which could come sooner than later, so it’s best to prepare for it).


Work may take a backseat to your personal affairs, as the month progresses. Since you’re the Cassanova of the zodiac, you won’t hold back on letting your heartfelt sentiments be known to those you care about. Lean into your relationships and friendships that support you and help you grow into the person you want to be. With the right people by your side, you’ll have only one option which is to thrive and soar high.


This is a month to embrace the calmness that surrounds you and find inner peace. Allowing yourself to take time away from the daily stresses of life will help you decompress and relax. Melting away your struggles and cleansing your energy is going to revive and restore your vibe. The next 30 days should be all about you and finding a chill place. Detoxing your aura is going to benefit your spirit.


You’re finding that people you never thought would support you, are proving that they care about you. The flip side of this sentiment is that those you thought you could trust are disappointing you. Some friends come and go with seasons, but the ones who are meant to be in your life will always stand by your side. Be open to the relationship changes that are occurring and hold space for new friendships to grow. 


Work matters are heating up due to a promotion that is lingering in the peripheral of your mind. Although it might take a minute before your title and salary change, you’re the only one up for the job, which is why you should be patient. If you’re wanting an answer from management right away, send an email that isn’t pushy or aggressive to check in. Be nice, sincere and respectful to give a kind response.


Your search for knowledge and your interest in many areas are leading you toward new ventures. Whether you pick up a book on philosophy at the library, sign up for a class online or dive head first into an interest — you’re finding that evolving your mind is helping you grow as an individual. This expansion of self is an essential and exciting part of your journey and evolution as a person in the weeks ahead. 


You might feel as though you aren’t being given the amount of respect that you deserve. Whether this be in the form of a present, compliments or recognition for your efforts, you are wanting to be treated as an equal in all of your partnerships. You should demand and expect this level of kindness from another individual. It’s important that your needs are being met in order to create a healthy sense of self.