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McDonald’s has a secret McBrunch Burger — but you can only get it at 10:35 am

Served right smack in the middle of breakfast and lunch, the secret menu item is also known as the “Mc10:35.”
TikToker Tommy Winkler and the McBrunch Burger.
TikToker Tommy Winkler and the McBrunch Burger.@tommywinkler via TikTok

McDonald’s serves a mean breakfast, and the chain’s lunch, dinner and dessert options pretty much speak for themselves. But the fast-food giant still hasn’t cornered the market on one popular meal: brunch ... or, so we thought.

Thanks to TikTok, we now know that McDonald’s seems to have a secret menu item called the McBrunch Burger. And it’s apparently only available for a short amount of time each day.

Over the years, we’ve heard rumblings here and there about the elusive secret menu item, but TikTok food personality Tommy Winkler reignited the rumors when he ordered the McBrunch Burger and posted a video review earlier this year.

The social media user, who gained a huge social following with his “What I eat in a day” videos, began his video with a Stitch from TikToker @theglasssniper, who posted his own review on the social media platform in 2022.

When contacted McDonald’s, the fast food chain declined to comment on the McBrunch Burger, but we have learned quite a few fun facts about it from social media.

Want in on the secret? Here’s everything you need to know.

The secret menu item combines breakfast and lunch into one sandwich

In his TikTok video, @theglasssniper described the McBrunch Burger as a double cheeseburger with egg and hash browns but explained that the sandwich he received didn't have any egg and instead had sausage. He gave it a 6.5 out of 10 rating.

When Winkler ordered the burger at his local McDonald’s, he said it included two cheeseburger patties, bacon, hash browns and eggs in a sesame bun. The TikToker explained that the restaurant was out of scrambled eggs so they gave him an egg white on it instead. Winkler seemed quite pleased as he devoured the sandwich and gave it a thumbs up.

We bet it would be even better with a glob of McDonald’s new Sweet & Spicy Jam, its first-ever “breakfast-inspired” dipping sauce.

The McBrunch is also known as the Mc10:35

A sandwich that’s so good, it has two names? Color us intrigued. In addition to being called the McBrunch Burger, the secret menu item is also known to some as the Mc10:35.

In 2013, Consumerist reported on the Mc10:35 and described it as a mashup of the “McDouble and Egg McMuffin.” At the time, the outlet said people in San Francisco were ordering Egg McMuffins and McDoubles and combining them together, taking the egg and bacon from the McMuffin and adding it into the McDouble.

The following year, a Reddit user posted about the Mc10:35 and a McDonald's employee claimed that it’s not a designated menu “secret menu” item.

“There’s no such thing! We can make any combination of food we have. It’s not a secret that we use our condiments and meats in weird ways when you ASK. No one I know that works with me has ever heard of this or any other ‘secret menu’ items until people ask for them,” they wrote.

You can only order the McBrunch Burger for a short period of time

Does anybody really know when breakfast ends and lunch begins? Well, according to McDonald’s breakfast hours, breakfast is served until 10:30 or 11 a.m. local time. Prior to March 2023, McDonald’s served all-day breakfast.

Per @theglasssniper, the McBrunch Burger is only available for a short period of time in between breakfast and lunch (hence its other name, the Mc10:35).

The McBrunch Burger typically costs $5

Both TikTokers noted that the McBrunch Burger cost them $5. Not bad for brunch, right?

McDonald’s confirmedanother secret menu item

Are you hosting a birthday party? Do you simply really love cake? Either way, McDonald’s sells birthday cakes. Fans of the fast-food chain went wild over the news in 2021 when it was confirmed that the restaurant sells $9 chocolate cakes with white frosting and a picture of Ronald McDonald.

The cakes aren’t on the official menu and not all locations keep them in stock.