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Swifties are pranking football fans by saying Taylor Swift put Travis Kelce 'on the map'

If you're looking for a way to "trigger your husband," Swifties say this is the question to ask.

To some, Travis Kelce is the best tight end in football history. To others, he's Taylor Swift's rumored boyfriend.

While Swift and Kelce's relationship has not been confirmed, their apparent connection has people across a pop culture divide talking — and debating who made who famous.

The saga began back in July, when the Kansas City Chiefs tight end appeared on a podcast, describing how he tried — and failed — to give Swift his number. He later invited Swift to see him play at Arrowhead Stadium. And she showed up, setting the internet ablaze.

In the aftermath, Swifties have been pranking the football lovers in their lives by definitively stating, “Taylor Swift put Travis Kelce on the map," and putting their reactions on TikTok.

The TikToks show people with mixture of shock, annoyance and laughter.

One TikTok user had a sit down with her husband to discuss the situation.

"Did you see Taylor Swift is dating this football player? His name's Travis Kelce. Isn't that awesome? She’s gonna help him get his career going and put him on the map,” Kelley Loraine told her husband. “Nobody knew who he was until she showed up the game for him. Now that's all anyone can talk about."

Lorraine's husband stared back in disbelief.

“How can so much nonsense come out of your mouth,” he responded. "Kelley, stop."

His wife found humor in the conversations, continuing the act and assuring him Travis Kelce’s career would “explode” now that he was seen with Taylor Swift.”

“Because his career didn’t explode when he won Super Bowls?”

The Kansas Chiefs tight end is a two-time Super Bowl winner, eight-time Pro Bowl winner and has 72 touchdowns to-date.

Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight, identical twins and influencers, pulled the same prank on their dad.

“Everyone knows who he is now because of Taylor Swift,” Bailey McKnight said. 

“She put him on the map to a certain demographic of teenage girls,” he replied, referring to Travis Kelce as one of “one of the best NFL players” who “didn’t need her.”

Their dad laughed off their claims. 

TikTok user Maija Isabella Davis said this was a surefire way to “trigger your husband" or your brothers.

“He’s a superstar football player,” Maija Isabella Davis’ husband said in the video. 

Davis did not back down on her claims, insisting Swift being the reason behind Travis Kelce’s success. 

Her husband returned the favor and started recording her. 

TODAY's Craig Melvin participated, too, sharing his reaction to the claim.

"It's really so sweet that she put Travis Kelce on the map. Nobody knew who he was," a member of TODAY's social team says.

The longtime Chiefs fan responded, “This is the worst part of the story.”

“If I’m Travis Kelce, I am so annoyed,” he said. “You’re already one of the best tight ends in the history of NFL and now all of a sudden everyone is like ‘Oh my God! Travis Kelce? Who’s this?’”

"I did know who Travis Kelce was before the Swifties gobbled him up," he said.

The video was even recognized by the NFL, where they commented “he was so serious.”

Two brothers were pranked by their sister, Jolyn Castillo, who also took to Tik Tok sharing her way to “trigger your brothers.”

Jason and Travis Kelce weighed in on the trend, too. In an episode of the brothers' "New Heights" recorded after the headline-making game, Jason Kelce asked his younger brother the key question: "How does it feel that Taylor Swift has finally put you on the map?"

"Shoutout to Taylor for pulling up," Travis Kelce responded, saying it was "pretty ballsy" for her to show up at the game.