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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's astrological compatibility is a 'touchdown,' astrologer says

Astrologer Lisa Stardust says the two have an "extremely steamy vibe" thanks to connections between their Mars and Venus signs.

Maybe Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's connection began when the Kansas City Chiefs tight end tried, and failed, to give the singer his number at one of her shows.

Or maybe it was written in the stars, with astrological compatibility foretelling a solid connection.

Either way, Swift and Kelce have taken over pop culture. Following rumors — including ones sparked by Kelce's brother Jason Kelce on a radio show — of a relationship, Swift appeared at the Kansas City Chiefs game Sept. 24 to cheer on the tight end, sitting alongside his mom, Donna Kelce.

Kelce's instincts about Swift may have been spot-on because their astrological compatibility is intense (in a good way). 

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce
Is Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's compatibility a touchdown?Getty Images

How their Sagittarius and Libra Suns connect to form a ‘fun, chill, overall good relationship’

Taylor Swift was born on Dec. 13, 1989 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, with a disputed birth time. She is a Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon.

Travis Kelce was born on Oct. 5, 1989 in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. He is a Libra Sun and Sagittarius Moon.

One of the best astrological aspects that denote a long-term relationship is a conjunction between one person’s Sun and the other’s Moon. A conjunction, in other words, is when a person's Sun is in the same sign as the other person's Moon (for Kelce and Swift, that's Sagittarius).

The Sun represents our will and determination, while the Moon dictates our innermost sentiments, memories, comforts, and emotional nature. When the Sun and Moon link up in two charts, it becomes a bond that cannot easily be broken.

Swift's Sun in alignment with Kelce's Moon indicates an emotional connection. What Travis feels, Taylor expresses. They both have an intuitive understanding of the other’s needs.

The duo's Sun signs harmonize through a sextile, or when signs are within 60 degrees of each other. The effect is a fun, chill and overall good relationship.

Kelce's airy Libra Sun veers toward balance. Swift's fiery Sagittarius Sun is known for its sparky passion. Generally, air and fire Sun signs get along great, because they can thrive without drama and be playful since they both have a positive outlook on life. Together, they can learn from each other.

'An extremely steamy vibe' in their Venus, Mars conjunction

Kelce's Venus in Scorpio is conjunct — or at the same sign in the same degree — of Swift's Mars in Scorpio. Add in her Mars, and the physical component is off the charts. Venus and Mars (the planet of action) conjunctions between two people are super hot — especially in Scorpio, a zodiac sign that oozes desire.

The concise connection between Kelce's Venus (the planet of love) and Swift's Mars foretells an attraction. This is an extremely steamy vibe. Not only that, but they have a lot of shared interests and a similar aesthetic. They probably enjoy the same movies, art and books.

More astrological aspects

Jupiter is the plane of luck and abundance — and Swift and Kelce's Jupiter placements align, another fortuitous sign. Both of their Jupiters are exalted, or in a prime position, in the sign Cancer, which makes their personal lives very rich and vibrant.

Kelce's Jupiter also is conjunct with Swift's Cancer Moon, which brings out the optimism they share in wanting to make the relationship work. They’ll hit the party scene together and cook dinner at home most nights. This is a caring relationship with a strong foundation.

In synastry, Saturn is the glue that holds two charts together. Typically, there are Saturnian components in charts of couples or friends who’ve been together for years. Their Saturn signs are in Capricorn, and they both have a Saturn (the planet of commitment), Uranus (the planet of innovation), and Neptune (the planet of spirituality) stellium in Capricorn in each of their birth charts.

The only difference is that Taylor’s Mercury (planet of communication) is in Capricorn as well.

To my astrologer eyes, these two are karmically tethered together. They will have inconsistency at times, but overall they want to be a part of the other’s dreams and aspirations through being supportive, giving, and understanding.

They definitely have a strong connection. One could call it a touchdown.